There is no doubt that 2020 is going to be a year people will remember for a long time to come. Right now is a time of uncertainty and worry. Planning is impossible and nobody knows the impact Covid-19 will have on our lives, the lives of family and friends, our businesses and our economy. Rightly so people are scared.

However, It is also a time to come together as a nation and support each other in any way we can. We may have to be separate in person soon but that does not mean we have to be separate in every other way. If everyone thinks of just one way they can make a difference we will come out the other side, maybe bruised, but not broken.

How can you help? I know for me I can help through healing and nurture. I can be a support in my group and my community by going live on social media teaching people EFT to help with anxiety, by listening to others who are concerned or have low mood and I can share tips and techniques on mindset to help stress levels.

These are all small things but sometimes just knowing someone is there for you can make all the difference. Pick up the phone to tell someone they are not alone. Show people you care by trying to reach out via social media if you have a skill that could help someone online. Can anyone do an online class for yoga, exercise or something else to make people feel good? What about online groups just to talk and share concerns? Also support local businesses where and when you can.

Isolation, stress and worry about finances will cause an increase in people feeling lonely and depressed so make sure you keep talking, keep reassuring loved ones you are there and you care. If you can run a little errand, go to the shops etc for people who are vulnerable too as that would be a great help to many.

Unfortunately I do not have a crystal ball and I can’t say what is going to happen. I am concerned and being one of the vulnerable is scary and I know I have to protect myself too but I will do everything I can to bring people together, in the virtual world. I’m always here to listen and you are not alone. One thing for sure though, we are stronger together.

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