When you look up Empower in the dictionary the definition is “give someone the authority or power to do something”.

A very powerful statement I think! One that holds a lot of responsibility.

So who am I to use this as my job title and what the hell does an Empowerment Coach actually do?


The Role of a Coach?


First of all the world of coaching is a minefield. Everybody is an expert in something.

Wellness, business, mindset, confidence, you name it, it’s out there, and they all claim to have found the secret to something. “I can show you how to make 10k in one day”. “I can help you get the body of your dreams”. “I have the secret to living the life of your dreams”.

It’s confusing, Where do you turn? Who do you trust?

Coaching is also quite a new concept and rightly so, people are a bit sceptical, but when you take some time to understand it, break it down and look into the benefits, it really can change your life.

Now I know some people think you can be a coach without any skills or qualifications and work solely on life experience alone but I believe the more skills and ‘tools in your basket’ you have the more likely you are to really make a difference to someone’s life.

This is just my opinion though and there are definitely successful coaches out there who have little knowledge of NLP or any of the other modalities which can be used.

Life experience also plays a huge part though. When you have dealt with some kind of trauma or situation, learned from it and come out the other side with a different outlook and new insight you can use this to help others.

You can Empathise and you have an understanding which you wouldn’t have if you hadn’t experienced and gone through the hardship.

For me it has taken years of soul searching, illness, heartbreak and anxiety to get to where I am now. I am completely confident in my own skin, I like the person I see in the mirror and every day I feel genuine joy, not every minute of the day, but in each day I can find something which brings me happiness. So this leads me to where I am just now. Having worked my butt off to qualify in NLP, Hypnosis, EFT, Time Techniques and Life Coaching I am ready to embark on a journey. A journey which I am sure will have ups and downs, but which I am completely committed to and passionate about.

Which brings me back to Empowerment. For me an Empowerment Coach is someone who helps her clients to plant a seed, helps that seed to grow by nourishing and encouraging it and shows them the tools needed to help it flourish. When you are given the permission to be unapologetically you, to go for your heart desires and not have to explain yourself you shine. You Shine Bright!

This is what it comes down to for me. If I can help more people see how amazing they are. Help them to take control of their lives, have more faith in themselves and their abilities and be able to look in the mirror and say “I bloody love myself” and “I can achieve anything I put my mind to” then I am 100% in.

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