The Battle


It’s fair to say we are living in a time unlike any other in our lifetime. A time that very few of us could ever have imagined before Covid19 struck in 2020. Life as we knew it will probably never be quite the same again. For the first time the world has been united in a battle where, although everyone’s journey has been different, the overall goal of coming out of this alive and safe has been the same.

There have been many dark, bleak times and so much uncertainty. Lives lost, businesses unable to recover and sadness over not being able to hug or be near loved ones. We have all had to make sacrifices and things we took for granted in the past are all on hold until we can beat this monster taking over our lives


Finding the Light again


However, amongst all this darkness there has also been light. The sense of being in this together has brought compassion, connection and purpose. The neighbour you walked past in the street is now someone you consider a friend. Strangers on your daily walk smile and acknowledge you and kindness is spreading like wildfire.

We are becoming cheerleaders for each other and instead of resenting each others achievements we celebrate and showcase them. Small businesses have the support of their local community and we understand the power of connection.

Walking and being out in the fresh air is also taking over from sitting in front of the television and jumping in the car to go short distances is happening less frequently. Meeting with a friend to go walking is the only way we can socialise safely. At first it was a thought to go for a walk but people are realising the benefit physically and mentally and the sheer feel good factor you get when you reconnect with nature.


Connection and Love


All of these things bring a sense of Hope. Hope for humanity, Hope for a kinder, more thoughtful future where we consider each others feelings and needs. When we have connection we thrive. Connection and Love are two things we as humans are programmed to need. Without these two factors we can lose our identity and our sense of purpose and from here our hope starts to go too. It is so important that we don’t let that happen.

So how can we stay connected..

Meet friends or family to go for walks

Pick up the phone to hear a friendly voice

Laugh often and look for the positives

You can also download my FREE Hope pdf for more inspiration

Keeping Hope Alive


We are lucky that we can connect to people all over the world so easily now. Facebook, Zoom, Instagram and many other apps means we are only one click away from hearing and seeing our loved ones even when it is not possible in person.

We can also connect with people we never would have been able to only a few years ago. Businesses are going online and the reach is endless. I have found a real sense of purpose being connected to an amazing group of women, and now a few men too through Her Story Circle

This has helped me to see the way others are living their lives and has humbled and allowed me to feel so much gratitude for everything I have in my life. My eyes have been opened to the changes needed to bring more connection as it’s clear we are so much stronger when we come together as one.

Although there is still so much more needed to bring people together I do feel we are heading in the right direction and this is what gives me the most hope. Hope brings feelings of possibility and excitement. It helps you to continue when times are tough knowing that something better is always on the horizon. Hope brings desire for things to change for the better and from this place anything is possible.

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