What is International Women’s Day?


It is International Women’s day tomorrow and the theme for this year is #ChooseToChallenge but what exactly are we challenging?

We are challenging gender inequality, social and economic injustices and putting our hand up in a pledge to say we commit to choose to challenge and call out inequality. This provides a platform to bring in positive change for women.

It is also a celebration. A celebration of how far we have come as women and by coming together as a nation how much further we can go.


Freedom to Speak


Sometimes, and I will put my hand up and openly admit this too, we are blind to what is going on in the rest of the world. If it is not right on our doorstep it’s easy to think it’s not happening. We go about our day and our life not paying attention to what needs addressing.

Here in the UK where I am from, generally I can speak freely and have my voice heard without worrying about being arrested or punished. When I feel something is not right I speak up. That can not be said in other parts of the world. Women are silenced, thrown in prison, hurt or even worse for having a voice and standing up for what they believe in.

Now is the time to say, Enough! To stand together and find a way to change this so every single woman in this world has the right to speak freely. The right to be her own boss and the right to be exactly who she is without apologies.


How Can We Change This


There are many ways we can influence these changes. By coming together as women and joining forces. By celebrating women’s achievements and by reaching out and seeing where you can make a difference.

For me all of the above is found in Her Story Circle. This is a movement started by one woman, the incredible Getrude Matshe, and run by women who are all committed to sharing their story, inspiring and encouraging others to do the same so we can use our voice to create massive change in the world.

Women from every corner of the globe come together to celebrate each other for exactly who they are. They inspire and support each other and stand together tall and proud of who they are as individuals and as a group.

Women are Incredible

Women everywhere are starting and sustaining incredible businesses. They are becoming CEO’s and creating jobs, opportunities and the life of freedom and purpose they have always desired. This is something to applaud. Something to get behind and be a cheerleader for. Celebrating each others achievements builds strength and power.

This month I am chairing at Her Story Summit and I feel so blessed to be attracting the most amazing women. Women who want to share their story through motivational speaking and being part of a book.  These women are change makers. The challenges they have overcome are life changing and their strength an inspiration.

I am proud and humbled. Some of the stories I have heard at this summit have to be heard to be believed. Some so barbaric and heart breaking but they are happening, and not just once in a while, EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

So now is the time to stand up and be heard. To use your voice for good and to help where you can.

So International Women’s Day for me is a day to celebrate, a day to open our eyes and a day to move forward, committing to make changes so that we can live in more harmonious world.


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