Yesterday was Valentine’s day and for some people it’s a day of flower’s, chocolates and declarations of love for your significant other. For other’s though it can be the complete opposite. It’s a day where your single status is heightened, your mind roles back to past loves and going over every aspect of where it all went wrong, and you are left in a funk of regret and misery for what could have been.

Social media really knows how to rub it in your face too with pictures of amazingly happy couples and all the lovely things they have done to show their love on this special day. It’s no wonder some people just want to pull the cover over their head and wait for the day to pass.

Now don’t get me wrong “I love Love” It is beautiful and there is no other feeling quite like the feeling of being totally adored, appreciated and cherished just as you are. Of waking up next to a person who gives you butterflies and who makes you feel safe and secure. Love vibrates at such a high frequency that you can’t help but feel a sense of euphoria when you are in it.

Let’s think about this though. What if we could look at Love and Valentine’s Day in a different way and instead of it being all about whether or not we have a boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, it could be a day where we celebrate the love we do have in our lives! Wouldn’t that change the whole feeling around this day for those of us who are single?

Love that a mother or father has for a child, love between a daughter and a mother, between sisters and brothers. The love that is born through years of friendship. Grandparents to their grandchildren. The love for nature and the environment and not forgetting one of the most important but often forgotten loves, love for yourself.

Take the time to explore all of these loves. What do you see, hear and feel when you think about any one of these. We all have love in our lives and if we can focus on the love we do have instead of the love we don’t we are going to be so much happier in our lives and then when someone significant does come into our lives it will be an enhancement of who we already are, instead of out of need and desperation not to be alone.

Self love is so important. How do you expect others to love you if you don’t love yourself! Start to do small things for yourself. Also show the people around you how much they mean to you. The more love we spread around the world, the less hate there will be. I know what kind of world I would rather live in.

Sometimes we are unsure exactly how to love ourselves. Past trauma and situations have closed us off and begun the never ending cycle of negative talk.  We constantly tell ourselves everything we hate about our body, character etc. We also have limiting beliefs that run as a programme inside our minds making it difficult to change our way of thinking. If this is you I would love you be able to help you get rid of this for good and start living your life on your terms. You can contact me on my website or come join me in my amazing group of inspiring women



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