My Purpose

All my life I have felt most alive when I have been helping others or making a difference in some way. When I was able to volunteer in Honduras teaching English to underprivileged children my heart was bursting with happiness and I woke up every day full of joy and gratitude.

Watch my video for a glimpse into my journey.

Now I am part of Her Story Circle and again I have that sense of purpose burning deeply in my tummy. Her Story Circle is a Global Movement for Women and run by Women to shine a light on Social, Economic and Political injustices around the world.

Here women from all over the world come together to share their story through motivational speaking and writing, to inspire and create a community to make the Impossible Possible.

Now I am a chairperson for this and I am looking for speakers who are ready to have their voice heard and create massive impact around the world while having a platform to share their message and their vision.

Recently I have had the absolute pleasure of being part of a book along with 9 other inspiring ladies where I share my journey of how I Overcame my Fears to Create a Life of Purpose and Joy.

Overcoming Fears to Create a Life of Purpose and Joy by Donna Edmiston >

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