Trust is a big concept, especially just now when everything you read and see is telling you something different. Who is telling the truth, what should you believe? Are people trying to scaremonger society in order to gain some kind of control? We are in the midst of a crisis that even a few months ago we could not contemplate ever happening in our lifetime but which is very much real and at the forefront of everything we do and say. It’s easy to get stressed and wonder what our purpose is, to feel like we are floating around with no roots and no idea when it’s going to end. This is a scary place to be and it can have a huge effect on your mental health. Add to that not trusting anybody or anything and the outcome can only be devastating.

When it comes to trust often it becomes an inner battle. We hold onto those times when we feel we have been betrayed, hurt or rejected and use this as evidence that we are right not to trust. We have reason and facts behind us to back up our way of thinking and our guard comes up building a wall so impenetrable that nothing and nobody can get through it. What if the real issue though is not other people or outside issues but what it really comes down to is trusting ourselves, from within the very core of our being. Our true selves!.

When you quieten the mind, as you do during meditation you find yourself in a state of “true consciousness”. From this place you find your true being, your essence and your core. From this place you can go within to a place of peace and this is where you will find hope and trust. Not the kind of hope and trust which is reliant on whether you are let down or not but the kind of unshakeable trust of knowing yourself. Knowing without any doubt that your heart will continue to beat whether you remember about it or not, your blood will continue to flow and you will continue to breathe in and out. You learn to connect with the real you. The you without judgement or conditions. From this place you can separate what is real from what society tells you to believe and you feel a sense of hope that if your body can do all of these amazing things, life will find a way again to make sense.

When I first started Meditating I questioned it. “Why am I sitting here wasting time when I could be cleaning, shopping, talking to friends or doing some other task?” but in fact it was teaching me to stop, to listen and to be. I completely trust myself. I understand the difference between what my mind is saying and what my gut is telling me and I have a deep sense of belonging to something bigger than I could ever have imagined which brings me peace. I can go on to tell you about all the other health benefits of meditation like better focus, higher success rates and lowered blood pressure, but if the only thing you get out of it is a deeper knowing of yourself then I think that is reason enough to try it for yourself.

I too am scared about the future and how we are ever going to get back to socialising and being together again but by taking the time every day for myself to stop and meditate I find myself trusting and believing that we will get there and a sense of hope vibrates from within and I have no desire to let that go.

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